Sustainably cultivated sea vegetables full of flavor and nutrients

Sea vegetable salads

SeaFlavours has a wide range of sea vegetable salads (wakame, kelp, hijiki) for retail and food service. Whether it is frozen, MAP-packaging, special requests regarding product composition or White Label, we can deliver it.

Dried sea vegetables

SeaFlavours only supplies cultivated sea vegetables. The dried sea vegetables come from South Korea and Europe. SeaFlavours supplies food producers in the EU and therefore our products meet various (food safety) standards such as BRC,  and ASC.

Sea vegetable cubes

To make it more easy to use sea vegetables, SeaFlavours is currently developing a new ready-to-use frozen product line made of European sea vegetables for food service and retail. These sea vegetable cubes will be available as White Label as well.

Nori Products

Nori is one of the best known sea vegetables. We supply various nori products from South Korea for food service, sushi industry and retail We select our on color, gloss and thickness, not just on a Gold-label.

"Sea vegetables will become part of our daily diet"


Cultivated at sea farms

Sea vegetables are one of the fastest growing crops and is grown on long lines at sea. For land based crops you need land, fresh water, fertilizers and sometimes pesticides. Sea vegetables do not need anything of that and makes it one of the most sustainable crops.


Tasty and very healthy

There are various types of sea vegetables and all with their own taste. From breakfast to dessert, there is always a sea vegetable to match. In addition, sea vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals and other nutritioens. It’s incredibly healthy and tasty!


Positive impact on biodiversity

Like trees, sea vegetables absorbs CO2 and converts it into biomass. This prevents acidification of the oceans, which is very important for marine biodiversity. In addition, the sea vegetable farms and forests are ideal nurseries for you marine life.