Wakame salad

Wakame salad Goma Chuka

Wakame has been consumed for thousands of years in Japan. Wakame salad is made of kuki-wakame. Kuki-wakame is another word for the stem (mid-rib) of the wakame. Wakame is a slippery, tender, yet firm substance, so seaweed salad has all of these qualities. You’ll also notice a substantial chewiness, perhaps even a little crunchiness. We offer wakame salads in different compositions. We have salads with or without any colouring but also different flavours like ginger or garlic. Our salads are available at foodservice and supermarkets (white label) in EU and US.

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Wakame salad/ Chuka wakame/ Goma wakame/ Kuki wakame

Undaria pinnatifida


Aquaculture (extensive)

4-5 cm slices

AZO-coloring/ Natural coloring/ No coloring/ Custom made/ White Label

Original/ Garlic/ Ginger/ Spicy/ Shiso

125gr MAP / 250gr Frozen/ 500gr Frozen/ 1kg Frozen/ 2kg Frozen/ 5kg Frozen

ISO22000/ BRC/ Kosher/ Halal

Take-away salad/ side dish/ tapas/ wraps/ sushi/ topping/ poke bowl