Wakame dried

Wakame has been consumed for thousands of years in Japan. Wakame is consumed mainly as a food in Japan and Korea. In Japan, the beneficial effects of Wakame have been understood since antiquity, as noted in folk sayings such as, “Wakame is food and medicine combined in one”. Wakame has a pure and delicate taste. It has a soft and sweet taste and a fine structure. Our clients use it in soups but also in hybrid fish- or plant based burgers.

Product information

Commercial name

Scientific name

Cultivation area


Available size

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Swelling rate


Wakame/ Sea mustard

Undaria pinnatifida

FAO61 & FAO27

Aquaculture (extensive)

flakes 2-18 mm/ powder 180-400 micron

100% leaves or mixture of leaves and stem. Depends on wakame-specie

Soft and sweet

50gr/ 1 kg/ 10kg/

HACCP/ BRC/ Kosher/ Halal/ Aqua Stewardship Council/ Organic

Soups/ salads/ plant based products/ hybrid products/ snacks


Blanched before drying