Sea grapes Dehydrated

Dehydrated sea grapes umibudo

Wakame has been consumed for thousands of years in Japan. Wakame salad is made of kuki-wakame. Kuki-wakame is another word for the stem (mid-rib) of the wakame. Wakame is a slippery, tender, yet firm substance, so seaweed salad has all of these qualities. You’ll also notice a substantial chewiness, perhaps even a little crunchiness. We offer wakame salads in different compositions. We have salads with or without any colouring but also different flavours like ginger or garlic. Our salads are available at foodservice and supermarkets (white label) in EU and US.

Product information

Commercial name

Scientific name

Cultivation area


Available size





Swelling rate

Sea grapes/ Umibudo/ Green caviar/ Seaweed pearls

Caulerpa lentillifera


Aquaculture (intensive) landbased

7-10cm fonds (4–45 fonds per 20gr packaging)

Slightly salty and oceanic freshness

500g (25x20gr) dehydrated


Sushi/ sashimi/ side dish/ decorating