Nori sheet

Nori sheet

Nori sheets are made according to traditional Japanese recipe and are very delicious, tender and crispy. Making Nori sheets is a delicate process. When the Nori is finely crumbeled, they dry and roast the sheets. Nori sheets are mainly used for making Maki or sushi. There are many different qualitie labels. The most important things to look at are dark color, glance and thickness of the sheet. Nori sheets are available in consumer packaging (5 sheets), food service packaging (50 sheets) and on rolls for the sushi industry.

Product information

Commercial name

Scientific name

Cultivation area


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Nori sheet/ Yaki Sushi Nori

Porphyra spp. 


Aquaculture (extensive)

Sheet: 20 x 18 cm Roll: 50mm/ 85mm/ 102mm/ 150mm

Sheet: 5 pieces / 50 pieces

Kosher/ Halal

Maki/ Sushi/ Onigiri