Kelp salad/ Kombu salad/ Sea kale

kelp salad

Seaweed is recognized as a healthy food ingredient, low in calories, and rich in mineral content. Kombu kelp in particular, possesses a flavor and nutritional value unlike any other seaweed, earning it the title – “the king of seaweeds.” This salad is made from Ma-Kombu (Laminaria japonica), the most popular one because of it’s high grade quality and slightly  sweet taste. It’s also used for making the famous Dashi. This kombu is enhancing the flavours of other products. Great combi with carrot or cucumber.

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Kelp salad/ Kombu salad/ Sea kale

Laminaria japonica 


Aquaculture (extensive)

20-25 cm slices

Custom made/ White Label

Marinated/ carrot

125gr MAP / 250gr Frozen/ 500gr Frozen/ 1kg Frozen/ 2kg Frozen/ 5kg Frozen

ISO22000/ BRC/ Kosher/ Halal

Take-away salad/ side dish/ tapas/ poke bowl