Seaweed is an ingredient with many applications, from sushi to aqua feed, from bio-stimulant to medicines. In food, seaweed is mainly known from Asian cuisine. Nori and wakame are eaten worldwide. Yet you still find little seaweed in non-Asian dishes. That’s why we develop together with our partners and we assist them to integrate seaweed into their products as well as possible.

Product innovation

Together with our partners, we look for the right seaweed for their product, as well as new flavor combinations with seaweed. Examples of products we developed together with our partners are; a seaweed salad with ginger, fish burgers, fish fingers, plant-based burgers, etc.

Sustainable innovation

SeaFlavours is actively involved in making the seaweed industry more sustainable. We are part of the Seaweed Advisory Board of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and the Safe Seaweed Coalition. The resulting standards ensure sustainable and safe seaweed.